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Setting up Cloudflare Free CDN for Self Hosted GHOST Blog

As discussed if my previous post about setting up this blog again for round two, one of the key reasons for having another crack at a blog was to give me a spot to document our travels and trip reports, with that, comes lots of photos. With the idea of hosting many photos on the blog, I figured I should investigate ways to tune performance. I remember running into Cloudflare a few years ago when I was looking for another DNS provider, but never actually gave

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Script to create remote Gogs GIT Repositories

I am a big fan of git and try to keep to a fairly religious process of using it when working on my side projects at home, despite being the only person working on the code, git provides a great backup mechanism and also allows me to do some fun stuff like automated OTA wirless node deployments via git :D I have for many years kept a copy of all my repositories on a VPS and used git's native push to effectively store an offsite backup

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